STOULS is a French leather brand founded by Aurélia Stouls in 2004

Stouls - Stouls Par Kate Aslangul

STOULS makes clothes in ultra-fine, supple stretch leather, renowned for its premium quality and machine-washable properties. Our leather is tanned and handcrafted in France, then tailored by artisans trained to the standards of the greatest French brands. STOULS is famous for its use of the bold, high-impact colours it refreshes every season, its pure, pared-back design and the second-skin feel of its leather.

From the moment it released its first ever leather T-shirt, STOULS has sought to innovate through its collection of machine-washable clothing. Aurélia Stouls has revolutionised leather in the fashion industry thanks to her innovative approach to wearing and working with leather: leather that is easy to slip on, wash and enjoy day after day, whatever the occasion. Leather that’s as comfy as a pair of jeans, and as easy to wear as a T-shirt. Aurélia plays on the stereotypes and preconceptions of leather. Season after season, the brand brings its customers palettes of vibrant shades, with the added bonus of creating machine-washable leather items. Best-sellers have emerged from these collections, becoming emblematic of the brand itself. There’s a cut, design and STOULS piece to suit every woman and body shape.

The highly-anticipated footwear range was launched in 2017 and is a natural continuation of any leather-oriented wardrobe. The brand’s high and low boots enclose the leg as seamlessly as the clothing, using the exact same leather, to achieve the perfect fit.


Aurélia Stouls embodies her brand. Free-spirited and elegant, independent and spontaneous, a traveller of the world and a thinker.

Her past experiences working as a stylist for some of France’s leading footwear designers - Carel, Thierry Mugler, Stéphane Kélian, Heschung - instilled a love of leather in her, from its texture and feel to the ever-shifting nuances and patinas that make it such a unique material.

Her Armenian mother gave her a predisposition to the sun. Aurélia is particularly fond of the Mediterranean, Greece and its lingering dinners with friends, Lebanon and its frenzied atmosphere, the shady coolness of Grimaud, the village where she designs her collections.

In creating her brand, Aurélia drew on the idea of simple dressing and freedom of movement, in harmony with her own lifestyle. She envisioned an easy, fuss-free wardrobe complete with the many pieces she stumbled upon over the course of her travels or gems from up-and-coming designers such as Rabih Kayrouz and Jacquemus. She mixes and matches different styles with her own, inspired by a hand-me-down wardrobe from the sunny 70s and 80s. A time that harks back to her free, unstifled childhood days, funneled in to her own sense of elegance and whimsy.

With her auburn locks, Aurélia avoids black and (almost) never wears flats. She tends towards captivating, vibrant, radiant shades, pairing her Crazy fuchsia with orange, her Prince purple in a head-to-toe splash of colour, or combining her Savora mustard with lurex. From her father’s side, she inherited a love of words. Every colour in her collections is a vintage in its own right, and hints at shades such as Macaroon, Mentalo and Bora-Bora. Infinite possibilities.

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