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Where do your hides come from?

We only work with lambskin leather. Some seasons, some of the collection items are available in other leathers, such as python or goatskin, which we also have stretched.

What are lambskin leather and suede?

Before being tanned, hides are split in half through their thickness. The upper layer is turned into lambskin. This is smooth and is generally the type of leather you imagine when you hear the word ‘leather’. The interior is turned into lambskin suede, with a soft, velvety feel. This is also called split leather.

Which is the most valuable and why is one more expensive than the other?

Both are valuable, the only difference is how they are tanned. Achieving premium lambskin leather like ours is dependent on a number of incredibly restrictive factors.

What does tanning involve?

Tanning involves transforming animal hide (which is hard and unusable in its unprocessed state) into leather. The result is a supple, rot-proof and water-resistant fabric. The hides are plunged into huge drums that spin for several days, a bit like gigantic washing machines.

How do you achieve your colours?

All of our colours are original shades exclusive to STOULS, and the result of close collaboration with the chemist who works in-house at the tannery where our leathers are processed. We supply the tannery with examples of the colours we want to achieve on our leather, such as fabric swatches, pastel sticks, paper, and leather samples. We then provide precise, highly specific descriptions of the different finishes we’re looking for, such as shine, colour depth and tones.

How do you achieve such stretchy leather?

We work with the French technician who originally came up with the concept of stretch leather, and innovate with him to improve the quality of our leather. Concretely speaking, all our leathers are first refined to give them that unparalleled lightness, before being fused on to cotton canvas and Lycra© mix, which makes them stretchy.

What’s the difference between your Light and Regular items?

Two canvas thicknesses are used, depending on the season. 
In winter, we use Regular canvas with a tighter weave, to lend our leathers a firmer, more supported feel while retaining all their suppleness.
 In summer, the Light canvas results in an even lighter and more breathable type of leather. We use the same canvas for our tops and dresses, in winter and summer alike, to keep hold of that comfy, second-skin sensation.

How do you make your leathers machine-washable?

Pass. We need to keep some in-house secrets, after all! And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget that our leathers are machine-washable, but only if you follow our care guide. And machine-washable doesn’t mean stain-proof!

Where is your leather made?

We source our hides from French and Spanish farms. They are then tanned in France. Our clothing is made in Portuguese workshops, with all members of staff trained to meet our high standards and those of France’s leading brands.

Is your leather chrome-tanned?

Yes, because vegetable tanning doesn’t achieve the colour vibrancy and suppleness of chrome-tanning. The latter is currently a sensitive subject, and not without cause. But as long as the chrome-tanning takes place in Europe, which is the case for us, there’s no danger to consumers, as the standards and norms in place are very stringent indeed. The additives used to dye and finish our leathers are fully compliant with the European REACH regulation.

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