JP Twenty

Tight to the knees, it flares out just above the ankle. Short, its back yoke highlights the buttocks and lower back.

Ideal for small builds or short pants aficionados.


It is wide at the bottom of the leg and fitted at the pelvis. It is worn low waisted, long and loose on the foot.

For tall women or smaller women perched on heels. Its hem is easy to cut and adjust for those who walk flat.



It is narrow at the bottom of the leg. Short, it is worn above the ankle and gives a rock and energetic look.

Ideal for small people.


It is straight, refined, short, and reveals the ankles.

Perfect for adults and children.
Ideal for androgynous pools.



It fits like a glove, tight all over the leg and deliberately long at the ankle.

Perfect for all body types.


It is long and tight like a glove. It wraps around the calf but not the ankle, like a riding boot.

Ideal for tall, petite and curvy girls.