Wash Stouls leather

Before and after each wash, run an empty cycle to remove any detergent residue from the drum.
Use a very small quantity of mild liquid detergent, pour it into the drawer of the machine (and not directly into the drum).

Wash your leather alone, right side out on the delicate program, short cycle. Temperature: Cold or 30°C maximum (check the temperature on the label).

At the end of the cycle, immediately remove your garment from the machine drum. Then lay it flat on a towel.

Ironing: On the reverse side with steam (a little) to smooth the cotton canvas. On the right side with a gentle iron and without steam, if you wish to restore luster and shine to clothes made from dipped lambskin only.

To feed

To nourish dipped lambskin clothes and give them even more shine, apply our wax following the instructions.

Be careful, never put wax on velvet lamb.

Finally, if you use our wax, make sure it has dried completely before ironing or wearing your garment.


With washing and depending on its base color, your garment will fade more or less.

The washout is always greater on very colorful and pigmented colors, lighter on dark or very light colors.

With time and washing, leather develops a patina.

If you want to keep the shine of your dipped lambskin leather and the uniformity of your leather intact, or if your item cannot be machine washed (read the instructions on the label), entrust its cleaning to a leather specialist.


In case of a greasy stain, never try to wash your garment with water. Apply Sommières earth (100% natural clay) to your garment laid flat.

Leave it on overnight. If the stain has not been completely absorbed the next day, repeat the process until as much of the grease has been absorbed.

If you have a wine stain, blot with colorless paper towels until you've absorbed as much wine as possible, then run through the machine (and pray, because it all depends on the tannin content of the wine).

In the event of an ink or marker stain, erase (gently) the stained surface.


If there are colored mottles or white marks after washing, rewash your garment without detergent. Note that if these marks are due to bleach residue in your drum or if you used too much detergent when washing, these white marks will unfortunately not come away.

Brightly colored and highly pigmented leathers tend to bleed. As a precaution, avoid contact between your leather item and any light-colored fabric.


Do not use detergent powder, capsules, or tablets (only liquid detergent).
Never let your leather soak in the drum of the machine, take it out immediately at the end of the cycle.
Never hang your wet clothing while it is drying, as this risks deforming it.
Never use bleach or leave your leather garment in contact, even minimal, with traces of bleach, whether during washing or drying.
Do not expose your leather to the sun for prolonged periods.
Do not wash your STOULS by hand. Do not let it soak.


STOULS is not responsible for damage due to improper treatment of its clothing.