Stouls is the brainchild of Aurélia Stouls. The Paris-based label redefines the use of leather and all the ways to wear it. The collections are made in Portugal, in an atelier used to the highest standards of prestigious French fashion houses.

Stouls offers a versatile wardrobe for everyday living, “easy-to-wear”, embodying innovation with “machine
washable” care and presenting a rich and bold palette of colors to choose from.

"We don't wear Stouls, we live in Stouls."

The collections seamlessly blend chic and modern design with a commitment to quality and sustainability. Stretch leathers are produced and tanned in France, embodying the excellence of French craftsmanship.

Stouls innovation

Our second skin leather

Our stretch leather wardrobe is the result of exceptional tanning done in France. The quality of our parts is a result of both the high-quality materials used and the advanced manufacturing methods we employ to assemble them. No longer forming a single material, our cotton Lycra© and our leather are subject to high standards to ensure their durability; guaranteed without deformation or detachment.

This technical leather, in its “summer” version, uses a less dense, lighter canvas, which gives the clothes an airy suppleness that is pleasant to wear

Machine wash

Our leather wardrobe is machine washable provided you follow our care guide. The quality of our leather ensures its durability, wash after wash. Each piece of dipped lambskin comes with its bottle of Stouls maintenance wax.

Color Offer

Our generous color offering comes from the close collaboration between the chemist at the tannery that produces our leathers and Aurélia Stouls, using her talents as a colorist to generate unique ranges on the market. Each of our shades is an original STOULS creation, created with the highest level of requirements and defined by a specific vocabulary specific to the finish, shine and depth of each shade.

“Color is the most beautiful addiction”

Aurelia Stouls in a few words

Founder and CEO of her eponymous brand, Aurélia Stouls began her creative career as a shoe stylist for beautiful French houses. From there, her passion for leather was born. Its sensual touch, its nuances of tones and its patina which slowly give it its particularity, made Aurélia wants to create a complete wardrobe for plural femininity.

STOULS woman is Parisian, cosmopolitan and traveler.
She likes the idea of ​​dressing a woman who realizes herself, desiring and free, a woman on the move in her life as well as in her head.

As Aurélia likes to say “STOULS is dressing with a gesture”. What is Aurélia's favorite gesture? The Carolyn leggings, the large Alfred overcoat and the Cherry halter top, depending on the weather.